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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HoLiDaY to SaraWak - Part 4 - MeLaNau-TaLL-HouSe

Another wood scuplture in Melanau Tall House

Second level room

Stair to the upper level room

Decoration on the house ceiling

Melanau charms and sickness statues called blum...

The Hall

The staircase entering the Melanau Tall House

The Melanau people 5.8% of Sarawak's popular now mostly living in the central coastal region, were once more widely scattered....They traditionally lived near the sea within reach of the pirates....The Melanau built massive houses forty feet above the ground.....The Melanau differ from most other Borneo people in one important respect, they eat sago in preference to rice....Sago palms originally grew wild in the coastal swamps, and they are cultivated...The ten-mentre high palm trunk accumulates strach....It swells just before flowering and that is the right time to harvest it by felling.....


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