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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HoLiDaY to SaraWaK-Part 3-cHiNeSe-FaRm-HoUsE-

On the wall of Chinese Farm House are agriculture tools.

Paddy grinder

Weighing tools

Chinese Farm House. Unlike local dwellings, the Chinese farm house is built at ground level. The floor is made of trodden earth, the walls of whitewashed sawn timber. The roof is thatched with leaf attap. The house is divided into two main parts; the family room which contains the kitchen, eating and living area as well as a storage area for valuables such as bicycles or agricultural machinery, and the bedroom. One of the focal points of the main room is the household shrine. A print or statuette of the god revered by the family is displayed here, surrounded by joss sticks, candles, little cups of tea and other seasonal offerings. The doorpost is also divinely protected by the application of strips of red paper, inscribed with protection verses.


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